“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountain is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.”

John Muir

Sunday, November 28, 2010

You would have to run it off a giant waterfall to sink this machine, according to the description.

Canoe of Canoe's......Listed on Craigslist no joke... Description reads...

This is a 1 off Whitewater River and drift fishing boat. This is truly a one of a kind boat. There are no others because it is my own design and I built it tuff and have tested and used it to know. It is shallow draft with high end inflatable tubes made of hypalon material not cheaper PVC. Tubes are military industrial grade. The toughest inflatable tubes made. Impervious to all chemicals. Made with 3 sections on each tube with superior Halkey Roberts valves. Tubes are 18 inch diameter 12 ft length. Overall boat length approximately 15 ft. load weight approximately 1800 lbs Practically unsinkable !.It is incredibly stable you cannot tip it over; you would have to run it off a giant waterfall to sink this machine. It will float fully loaded in 6 inches deep water. 2 people can lift and carry it. Total boat weight approximate 250 lbs. it row's on top of the water like a dragon fly, you can steady row it at speeds of around 7mph or trolling speed around 6 mph fully loaded it will take on class 5 rapids if you wanted. It has so many unique features you must see to appreciate it. Can accommodate 3 persons of any size and weight with new padded folding seats. You can set in these seats all day in comfort. Center row station has 360 swivel & slide pedestal mount to adjust for rowing position. It has a New Minkota saltwater rated 50 lb thrust electric trolling motor ( sealed controls ) it can be submerged. With built in battery meter along with a new xlarge deep cycle battery. Will run steady for about 20 mile trip. It has new self retrieving anchor set up with anchor holder at rear and controlled at the center seat oarsman station. Push a button & drop anchor, crank it back up just that simple. It has heavy duty stainless steel oarlock stands and heavy duty oars. Has a light weight nose cone with dry storage for punching through high waves that fold out for walk through boarding and latches down and has water tight gasket. Punch through high waves and stay dry. It has 3 fully adjustable rod holders, unique tackle box set up included. Tackle box sits in front of oarsman on row frame with heavy Velcro to hold it in place through rough waters and makes it very convenient yet removable. Everything at your fingertips. Neoprene drink holders at each seat. Water tight dry storage boxes. Special order Cam-lock straps with handles to strap tubes down.1 person can launch and load this boat in minutes. It’s lightweight that towing you barely know its back there. The trailer is not new but is in great shape and very roadworthy with a title. Many more features you would have to see to appreciate. If you were looking for something cheap this isn't it. If you want the best and safest whitewater and all around fishing machine THIS IS IT!!! If you asked me to build this same boat new not including trailer, pure cost alone would be about $6000.oo Inflatable tubes like these cost around $2500.oo a set. Minkota saltwater 50 lb thrust trolling motor over $500
I'm asking $3600.00 or can be negotiated. Pick up or negotiate delivery depending on length of drive
Please be serious if inquiring! You can email me or call


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