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John Muir

Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you ever put a Kirby in your hook ? You should !!!

Mustad 277 and a TMC518 (both size #32's) 
A Kirby or Reverse is a bend in the hook created by bending the barb outward by 25 degrees, thus changing the angle of penetration.

Here is a really good tip most don't know. 

If you are fishing small hooks and are getting short strikes, put a Kirby or Reverse in your hook. This changes the angle of penetration of the hook and forces the hook to the outside of fish's mouth, this will increase your take and catch. To put a Kirby in a hook, put the hook in your vise, then push the shank of the hook sideways. This will make the point curve off. If you push the hook one direction it is a Kirby if the point goes the other way it is a Reverse.  

You need to know the difference there will be a quiz.

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  1. Is a left-handed Kirby a right-handed Reverse? I am confused...I thought I put a Kirby in all my hooks, but apparently I put a Reverse. Looks like I will have to reverse the Reverses to make them all Kirbies.